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At Acorn Bee LLC, we take pride in providing high-quality products that meet the needs of beekeepers. Our Acorn One-Piece Plastic Bee Frames and Acorn Plastic Bee Foundations have been designed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring optimal bee acceptance and productivity.

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Excellent product

my wife and I have been keeping bees for about eight years now. We have about 30 hives. Each year the apiary grows just a little bit. Iur master Bee Keeper who assists us recommended this double dipped Acirn foundation. It worked very well and our girls were very pleased with it. Thanks!

Good quality. Bad shipping service

UPS will absolutely destroy your packages but the foundation is pretty good stuff.

Very prompt shipment. Product looks great

Love them

Our bee's love them. We have purchased a few thousand of the past 3 years. No issues other than a couple maybe 6 a little light on wax. We don't live in an area where we have beetle issues but the son in law does and beetles do hide in the indents of the frame body. They work fantastic for me. When you compare the price of other frames that charge no shipping these are still less. 5 stars here.

Excellent product, but expensive shipping

The frames arrived here in Ohio from California in a week or so. I installed them and in about 2-3 weeks they are very well drawn, some close to be complete, some less, but very even, beautiful comb. I’ve had plastic frames from another manufacturer (yellow color), and did not have such quick success! I don’t know what you do differently, but it definitely works. Price of the product is also better per unit. My only complaint was the shipping cost, which offset the total price quite a bit. But it was worth it. I guess, it’s a total winner for someone who can pick them up locally in CA. Thank you!

I initially had a problem with an order, they took care of the problem and went above expectations. since then customer service has been outstanding.

Drone Comb Honey Supers

For me the large cells always require more time to get drawn out than standard cell size, but after that the mediums are amazing as honey-only frames above a queen excluder. And after all, well-maintained honey super frames last a lifetime!

I prefer Acorn foundation

I've been buying only Acorn foundation since shortly after Nick had the pressing machines delivered and installed. Foundation sheets with heavy wax are my choice, and I've also used the drone cell size medium frames in honey supers. The initial quality and ease of getting combs drawn out are why I am a repeat customer. I can't even imagine what people are getting when they order plastic foundation on Amazon and I'm so glad to be able to buy Made In USA.

You can not go wrong with Acorn frames

Bees seem to build these out faster than lots of other brands

Ozawkie Bee Keeper

Great frames I did not have to wax's. Frames are like a box's of chocolate, you never know if the bees are going to like them. They love these frames!

Good frames go with maximum wax

Wish you had frames similar to Permacomb or honey super cell. People would use these exclusively….jim

Perfect for beekeepers. Excellent, bees easily drew comb on the frames.

wax foundation

I ordered the extra heavy wax and it was the most wax on any foundation i have ever got will order more soon Thanks for the great job Acorn

Heavy waxed frames

Very good quality

My girls love this!

I put The Frames in my hive a week ago. They all have comb on them now! They started drawing within three days!

very satisfied

very satisfied with the frames


Look forward to doing business with you again!!

Great Product

Shipping box was damaged but frames held up and with plenty of a wax coating as ordered. Bees built up comb in no time

Bees like 'um

Great product...Great price...and no assembly! Simple ro use!

Great Product/ Long Time to ship

Best bee frames on market.

However it takes FOREVER from the time you order them to get to your door. More than 5 days ground.

Get the heavy waxed! My girls drew it out perfectly and in a hurry ! Great product. No additional wax required.

I’ve used several brands & the colonies utilize these more readily & completely than the others, give em what they prefer & what works

Best frames on the market

I have a bunch of different frames from multiple suppliers and these are by far the best quality and the best wax coated.

Great frames!!!

Great frames, plenty of wax. No complaints!