Pettine drone verde ghianda, confezione da 10

Pettine drone verde ghianda, confezione da 10
Pettine drone verde ghianda, confezione da 10
Pettine drone verde ghianda, confezione da 10
Pettine drone verde ghianda, confezione da 10

Pettine drone verde ghianda, confezione da 10


Migliora il tuo gioco dell'alveare con la confezione da 10 Acorn Green Drone Comb! I nostri pettini si adattano a supers. 9-5/8" e 6-5/8" e sono disponibili con cera standard, pesante o extra pesante realizzata con la migliore cera d'api in circolazione. I nostri pettini sono l'assistente perfetto per la gestione integrata dei parassiti (IPM), il controllo dell'acaro varroa, l'allevamento delle regine e la produzione di miele, aiutandoti a ottenere i risultati desiderati per le tue arnie! Quindi non accontentarti della media, prendi i tuoi pettini e fatti ronzare!

  • Confezione da 10
  • Per super da 9-5/8″ e 6-5/8″.
  • Drone Combs disponibile con cera standard, pesante o extra pesante, utilizzando la migliore cera d'api disponibile.
Prezzo di listino $47.00
  • Pagamenti sicuri
  • Please allow 5 business days for a tracking number to be provided via email.
Spedizione calcolata alla cassa.

Usato per:

  • Gestione integrata dei parassiti (IPM)
  • Controllo dell'acaro della varroa
  • Allevamento della regina
  • Produzione di miele

Suggerimento professionale:

Il telaio a pettine drone da 6-1/4" produrrà più miele ed estrarrà più velocemente rispetto alle celle di dimensioni standard se utilizzato nei melari del miele!

Informazioni aggiuntive:

Peso 10 libbre
Dimensioni 20 x 10 x 8 pollici
Misurare Grande
Cera Pesante
Extra pesante

Note: We now offer bulk discounts on shipping in our store.

  • 4 to 5 boxes 20% shipping discount
  • 6 to 7 boxes 30% shipping discount
  • 8 to 10 boxes 40% shipping discount
  • 11 to 14 boxes 50% shipping discount

To purchase 15 or more boxes please call us at 877-255-6078 or email for volume pricing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nazar Kalivoshko
Excellent product, but expensive shipping

The frames arrived here in Ohio from California in a week or so. I installed them and in about 2-3 weeks they are very well drawn, some close to be complete, some less, but very even, beautiful comb. I’ve had plastic frames from another manufacturer (yellow color), and did not have such quick success! I don’t know what you do differently, but it definitely works. Price of the product is also better per unit. My only complaint was the shipping cost, which offset the total price quite a bit. But it was worth it. I guess, it’s a total winner for someone who can pick them up locally in CA. Thank you!

Allan Brown
Drone Comb Honey Supers

For me the large cells always require more time to get drawn out than standard cell size, but after that the mediums are amazing as honey-only frames above a queen excluder. And after all, well-maintained honey super frames last a lifetime!


Product is made well arrived quickly and the bees worked it well. Would recommend this product

Lorraine Coyle

I haven't used them yet but they look great.
And smell like wax!
Most foundations say they have wax but these actually DO have wax on them!

Icarus Brewing Mooney
Honey super

These drone combs work amazing in my honey supers. Bees take to them and draw comb with zero issues.

Markus Howell
Bees No Likey

I got the deep frames with the standard wax. The bees don't particularly like this frames. They don't build across the frame evenly, sometimes they build a base that goes across the fame without touching most of the frame so it is hollow below the wax.

I will be adding another coat of wax on these frames to see if the bees take to them better. If ordering, get the "heavy" wax coating in hopes they take to it better.

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